The Savannah Bridge

The Savannah Bridge or formally known as the Talmadge Memorial Bridge is a bridge in the United States spanning the Savannah River between downtown Savannah, Georgia and Hutchinson Island. It carries US 17/SR 404 Spur. The original bridge was built in 1953; a replacement bridge was completed in 1991, also referred to as the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. This bridge provides a beautiful view at Savannah’s River Street, however, it has recently become a center for debate in the renaming of the bridge due to the fact that it is named after Eugene Talmadge an old-school conservative Southern Democrat, who pursued then-popular and openly racist objectives such as restoring the white primary and enforcing segregation of the state universities. He also struck out against opposing centers of power, using martial law to dismiss state boards that opposed his measures as well as arrest both strikers and strikebreakers alike, actions which led to him both being accused of being a dictator as well as being a friend of the “common man.” Talmadge’s legacy has caused some in Savannah to oppose letting him have the prominent honor of the bridge named for him, including Savannah’s City Council. However, renaming the bridge is decided at the state level by the legislature, where there is considerably more sympathy for Talmadge.

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